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Host the X Games.

ESPN, the leading action sports content provider and creator of the X Games, is opening discussions and beginning the process of identifying interested U.S. cities to host the X Games summer event.

X Games Think your city has what it takes to win? ESPN

Inspire and celebrate the pursuit of relentless progression

X Games is the pinnacle event in action sports. It is where attitude and style are expressed through sport, music, film, fashion and art, where creativity is currency and everyone wants to be the first.

Global Audience

X Games is leading to new ways to spur local development and exceed your city's promotional goals. Not only will you attract engaged and educated fans eager to enjoy themselves, but you will also have the opportunity to showcase your community as an exciting destination.

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Social Appeal

With a large and growing number of younger fans and viewers, our brand hits the coveted millennial demographic across our events and content platforms providing a valuable marketing platform for your hometown.




Economic Impact

Your city will be transformed by the energy and visibility of X Games. It all begins with the arrival of hundreds of the world’s best action sports athletes. It culminates with five days of thrilling action, four days of live broadcasting and literally a world of media exposure.

X Games Austin 2016

X Games Aspen 2016

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