Real BMX: Five fast facts with Colt Fake

Check out Colt Fake's entry into Real BMX, the inaugural all-video BMX contest brought to you by the World of X Games and Hot Pockets. Vote for Colt at

Among the Real BMX presented by Hot Pockets competitors, Colt Fake is the only BMX rider that has not competed in any prior X Games BMX Street competitions. In fact, Real BMX might be Fake's first BMX competition ever. A graduate of the eclectic Orlando, Florida BMX scene, Fake rose to prominence in the early "Banned" videos. His riding wasn't exactly calculated at all times, but he had an eye for big drops, gaps to wallrides and unique roof setups. And when his ideas did come together, it made for a handful of amazing video parts, including an epic 5-minute section in "Banned 4 Life," which has close to a quarter million views on YouTube. Here are five fast facts about the loose cannon of Real BMX, Colt Fake.

1. Fake's intro to his Real BMX section, which features him 360'ing into a fire, pays homage to his final trick in the "Banned 4 Life" video.

2. Earlier this year, in conjunction with fellow Florida local Trey Jones along with Ride BMX Magazine and Monster Energy, Fake filmed a section entitled "The Ramp ll." The 5-minute section took a week to film and began with Fake front-flipping off a two-story building into a manmade lake in Florida. He then swam out of the water and pounded a Monster Energy drink. That video has over a quarter million views on YouTube.

3. A week before the release of his Real BMX section, Fake picked up a new component sponsor in the form of ├ęclat. "We've been huge Colt Fake fans since watching his (literally) insane sections in the Banned crew videos," said the brand. "Colt's explosive riding style and absolute lack of regard for his own personal safety represent the rawness and rush of adrenaline that we all love in BMX." His intro to the team photo featured Fake posing with a goat.

Who else been a trainer since day one? #ttg #trainedtogo shawty

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4. He has a Pokemon card collection.

@xpogo #newyorkcity #xpogo #bmx style on the stick photo: @thexpogomark

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5. And finally, BMX doesn't pay the bills for Fake. He works full-time as a pogo stick athlete at Universal Studios.

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