Real BMX: Five fast facts with Van Homan

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In terms of filming a legitimate video part, no other Real BMX rider has more experience than Van Homan. Since the late 1990s, Homan has filmed some of the most influential video parts in the history of BMX videos, including Little Devil's "Seek and Destroy" and "Criminal Mischief," both of which put Homan on the map in terms of BMX coverage. In the time since, Homan has matured into one of the most well-rounded and influential BMX riders of all time, and continues to film some of the most groundbreaking sections in BMX. In fact, prior to Real BMX, Homan's latest video part in "Holy Fit" earned him the 2014 NORA Cup Video Part of The Year. And at age 36, he's not slowing down anytime soon. Here are five fast facts about the elder statesman of Real BMX, Van Homan.

1. Van Homan entered his first X Games in San Diego, California in 1998. He placed tenth in BMX Dirt. On the same trip, Homan scored his first street riding photo in Ride BMX Magazine, shot not far from the venue. In the same year, Homan got sponsored by Schwinn Bicycles and released his first seminal video part for Little Devil's "Seek and Destroy" video. He was 19.

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2. John Van Homan lll descends from a long line of boat racers, including his father, John Van Homan Jr., and his grandfather, John Van Homan Sr. "Their childhood was water and boats, mine was dirt and bikes," says Homan. "And when I got into racing BMX, my father really understood that racing culture and got behind it."

3. In 2010, during BMX Street practice at X Games, Homan fractured his skull and suffered hemorrhaging on his frontal lobe. He spent a week in the hospital and took nearly four months to fully recover. Following the injury, he decided to wear a helmet full-time while riding. He now endorses Bell Helmets.

4. Homan was inducted into Salem County, New Jersey's Sports Hall of Fame in Jan. 2009. The induction ceremony was conducted in the same building that he had climbed on top of years before, filming a roof-to-roof transfer gap that appeared in the Little Devil video "Criminal Mischief," which is still widely regarded as one of the best video parts of all time.

5. In 2014, Van Homan won NORA Cup Video Part of The Year for his section in "Holy Fit." And he's not done yet. Homan has ridden for Fit Bike Co. since its inception in 2001 and has a signature complete bike in the 2017 line.

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