Real BMX: Five fast facts with Dakota Roche

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There's really only one way to describe Dakota Roche's approach to BMX street riding: Powerful. Roche, 29, has this insane ability to boost his hops higher than most in BMX, and his unique tendencies to gap into and then pull out of wallrides has helped to basically create a new sub-genre of street riding. And then there is his spot-searching capabilities. Having grown up in Huntington Beach, California, Roche has an innately East Coast ability to find untouched spots in the widely blown out area of Southern California, and apply his unique approach to each of them. Paired with Cult filmer Veesh, who shares much the same vision as Roche, the duo have created one of the most well-rounded Real BMX sections to debut. Here are five fast facts about Dakota Roche.

1. Real BMX is not the first video part from Roche in 2016. Roche played a major part in the new Vans BMX video "Illustrated," which premiered in June of 2016. He also helped behind the scenes of the video, filming other riders.

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2. Roche jumped one of the craziest rail hops that Artesia Blvd. has ever seen in Cult's "Talk is Cheap." The entire 8-minute section is insane for that matter. And considering that's over four years old, Roche's more recent "Nativeland 2" edit is stupendous.

3. Between 2008 and 2014, Garrett Reynolds had won every NORA Cup Street Rider of the Year title. That changed in 2015, when Dakota Roche won the NORA Cup and broke the cycle. "I still don't know what happened," said Roche. "I'm still kind of in shock about it."

4. Roche prefers filming to riding contests, but excels at both. Roche took BMX Street silver at X Games Austin 2014, and consecutive BMX Street bronze medals in 2011 and 2012. Conversely, Roche was more than happy to participate in Real BMX. "I'm so stoked they did Real Street for BMX this year," said Roche. "Honestly, I prefer filming over contests, so to have filming a part actually be a contest? That's a win-win."

5. Roche's filmed, Veesh, wrote, performed and recorded the original song used in Roche's Real BMX section.

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