Real BMX: Five fast facts with Alex Donnachie

Check out Alex Donnachie's entry into Real BMX 2017, the all-video, all-street BMX contest brought to you by ESPN and "The World of X Games." Vote for your favorite at, then watch the full behind-the-scenes show on ABC on June 24.

Glasgow, Scotland is not the place you'd expect to have a thriving BMX scene producing some of the world's best BMX talent. But in reality, things in BMX don't always make sense, and although the constant rain and harsh concrete might make it difficult to ride BMX outside in Scotland, the scene there is indeed thriving.

Real BMX 2017 contender Alex Donnachie isn't actually from Glasgow. Donnachie hails from the small village of Blairgowrie in Scotland, although he now calls Glasgow home in between frequent travels. And he's a become a product of a BMX scene that grew to exist out of a genuine love for riding among the older generations of rider.

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Expanding the Real BMX selection to an international field was never going to be an easy task, but following Donnachie's 2017 Monster Energy section "Ascent," he became a top name in the running. And although Donnachie isn't big on traditional competitions, Real BMX takes Donnachie's technical abilities and combines it with filmer Dave Sowerby's film making for a one of a kind experience. Here are five fast facts about Scotland's Alex Donnachie.

1. Donnachie rides for Glasgow-based BMX brand BSD, and has signature parts from the brand, including a frame and two types of tires. BSD is the brainchild of Scottish rider Grant Smith, and grew from homemade sprockets sold out of his house into one of the world's top BMX brands in the world.

2. Alex Donnachie is the only BMX rider in Real BMX 2017 to ride with a helmet. In fact, Donnachie rides with a helmet for all of his video parts. ("My mum is happy about that.")

3. Donnachie's filmer choice for Real BMX is Dave Sowerby. Sowerby, a veteran of the Scottish BMX scene, was an original member of the BSD team, and the man responsible for all of BSD's video output, including 2016's "Transmission" video. Sowerby is also the filmer for Danny MacAskill, the trials cyclist with several viral videos under his belt. (MacAskill's April 2009 video has over 38 million views on YouTube.)


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4. When not traveling with BSD, Donnachie spends his time riding at Unit 23, the indoor skatepark located outside of Glasgow, with a full street setup and room to crash if the session goes late into the night.

5. Donnachie placed 8th in BMX Street at X Games Austin 2016, and is on the invite list for X Games Minneapolis 2017, although, in his own words, "If I had the choice I would never ride in a contest."

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