Real BMX: Five fast facts with Nathan Williams

Check out Nathan Williams' entry into Real BMX 2017, the all-video, all-street BMX contest brought to you by ESPN and "The World of X Games." Vote for your favorite at, then watch the full behind-the-scenes show on ABC on June 24.

X Games BMX Street veteran Nathan Williams is typically one of two things: Injured and relaxing, or full throttle and on fire releasing video part after video part. This year, Williams is off the injured reserve and cranking out video parts. He's also full throttle but managing to stay on the bike. Paired with filmer Peter Adam (who created Williams' "Still United" video part), Williams filmed between his hometown of Nashville and Los Angeles to produce one of the heaviest Real BMX parts to date, equally tech and burly but fully aware of smooth roll outs and proper technique.

Here are five fast facts about Nathan Williams and his Real BMX section.

1. In 2016, Nathan Williams walked home with a wide selection of NORA Cup (Number One Rider Awards) wins. Williams won Video Part of the Year and Number One Street Rider of the Year. The video "Still United," which Williams won Video Part of the Year for, was also awarded Number One Video.

2. This year, Williams is hot off some breakout riding in the Cinema Wheel Co. "District of Cinema" video, and is said to be sitting on one of the most anticipated parts in one of the most anticipated videos of the year, Etnies "Chapters."

3. Nathan Williams celebrated ten years with his sponsor United Bike Co. earlier this year.

Getty Images

The other Nathan Williams.

4. Nathan Williams is also the name of the singer-songwriter for the American rock band Wavves, making Google searches just a little bit tougher.

5. Nathan Williams drove home from Los Angeles to Nashville following his last filming trip to film for Real BMX in March.

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