Donny Robinson suffers concussion at OTC

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Beijing Olympic bronze medalist Donny Robinson suffered a concussion following a crash at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif. last week.

In the 2010 season, Beijing Olympic bronze medalist Donny "dR" Robinson had more time off the track injured than ever before in his career. Robinson's injury streak began with a collapsed lung suffered at the Madrid stop of the UCI Supercross last March. Robinson then re-collapsed his lung while practicing at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif last spring.

The third and final collapse happened last July, just two weeks shy of the UCI Worlds event in South Africa. Following the re-injury, Robinson went in for surgery to fuse his lung to his ribcage, which would make his lung less vulnerable to injury. Unfortunately, the surgery would keep him off of his bike and out of training for the remainder of the 2010 season.

In October of 2010, Robinson started riding again. "It feels the same, but maybe I've just gotten used to not feeling the same," said Robinson regarding his health as he started to train for the 2011 season.

At his first race back in January (the Silver Dollar Nationals in Reno, Nevada) Robinson stood on a podium for the first time in ten months, receiving a solid third place finish. During the Silver Dollar weekend, Robinson even had what he would call a "baby fall," walking away unscathed and regaining confidence in his lung and accompanying surgery.

Courtesy of Donny Robinson

Donny Robinson's helmet following his crash last week at the OTC.

It seemed that Robinson was getting his career and goal of being on the 2012 Olympic Team back on track. With a few races under his belt, Robinson began training harder at the Olympic Training Center, returning to the Supercross track with fellow 2012 Olympic hopefuls. But on Thursday, March 3, Twitter posts from fellow riders at the center began filtering in. According to the information, Robinson has fallen on his head and "tacoed" his helmet.

Robinson spoke with ESPN on Friday: "At first I thought it was my lung, but after a second, it didn't strike me as the same injury. After sitting down, I got up and started to feel light headed, so the medical staff set me back down. Then I blacked out for a couple seconds, and once that happened, it was mandated that I was going to get checked out at the hospital."

The news was better than Robinson expected: "The concussion test results were better than my the last time i took them in January -- baseline results. That means I get smarter with each crash and concussion," said Robinson shortly after leaving his doctor's office on Friday.

As of now, Donny is laying low for a couple of days, and he has a few weeks time before he hits his next event in Surprise, Arizona at the ABA Speedworld Nationals. Regardless of what has happened, Robinson remains determined to get back to the top at any cost.

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