Face Time: Pistol Pete Loncarevich

Throughout the '80s, 44-year-old Pete Loncarevich was a top ranked AA pro on the BMX race scene. Nicknamed "Pistol Pete," Loncarevich rode for Haro, sported an iconic mustache and continued to dominate the race scene into the early '90s. As the decade changed, so did Loncarevich. He went from Haro to an S&M, and remained on a strict training regiment. But he quickly moved away from his former clean cut image, getting tattooed and growing his hair long.

Soon after, Loncarevich left BMX for downhill mountain biking. He won a Masters World Championship as well as multiple World Cup events while racing mountain bikes, and then made an official return to BMX racing in 2009. It's a different day and age, but Pistol Pete remains a legend on the BMX scene. Recently, we caught up with him to learn about his thoughts on the current scene, the glory days and why he returned to racing.

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