Rob Darden for Rogue Fitness

Several years ago, veteran BMX Park and Dirt pro Rob Darden suffered a string of injuries, including two torn ACL's and a shoulder separation, that led him to reevaluate his training regimen in regards to BMX. Instead of jumping right back on the bike, Darden started working on strength training, endurance and flexibility, in addition to starting CrossFit training in 2009.

Granted, it's not BMX riding, but it ultimately has lead Darden to becoming more conditioned for riding, and less prone to injuries. It's also given Darden the ability to work with top name CrossFit brands that sponsor athletes, such as Rogue Fitness. In fact, Darden is Rogue's only sponsored BMX professional.

This weekend, the CrossFit Games air on ESPN2, and to promote Darden's crossover success using Rogue Fitness equipment, Rogue came together with Darden to produce a commercial that will air on ESPN during the CrossFit Games.

Check the commercial above, and if you want to take anything away from it, it's that Rob Darden takes his riding seriously, and to become better at it, he understands that proper attention be paid to strength conditioning, flexibility and endurance. At age 31, I can guarantee that Rob is stronger, more agile and more flexible than riders that are ten years younger than him.

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