Perry undergoes radiation therapy

Courtesy Josh Perry

Eastern Bikes pro Josh Perry during radiation therapy earlier today.

In April of 2010, Eastern Bikes pro Josh Perry underwent surgery to remove a non-cancerous tumor from his brain. The procedure lasted four hours. Two days later, he left the hospital and began the lengthy recovery process. A few short weeks after surgery, Perry was riding a road bike, ultimately returning to his BMX bike by early June of 2010.

For the past two years, Perry made healthy changes to his lifestyle. He cut out soda and focused more on his diet. He also focused more on riding. In between demo trips to India and throughout the Middle East, Josh pushed himself to progress, with clear results. Earlier this year, Perry appeared with Nick Digeroloma in The Hunt's "Gold Rush" DVD, the only park section to break the top ten. And earlier this month, Perry took first place in the annual Trans Jam in North Carolina.

Today, Perry spent the better part of an hour getting titanium screws placed in his head for Gamma Knife radiation treatment at Tuft's Medical Center in Boston, Mass. The treatment was done to target tumors that have grown back on his brain in recent months.

"It's basically a form of radiation that has 200 beams of radiation generated by radioactive cobalt that, unlike normal radiation, are not powerful enough to damage surrounding tissue," said Perry yesterday on the Eastern Bikes website. "Once they meet at the pinpointed location, they are strong enough to help control/destroy the tumors growth."

"My surgeon Dr. Friedman at Duke University said they don't want to operate on it because no one will be able to get that kind of wide margin around the surgical resection," he added.

At 7 a.m. ET, Perry entered the medical facility and had a frame attached to his head in four places. Perry documented the experience on Facebook: "I wasn't aware they'd be screwing titanium into my skull to keep my head still and use the frame for exact measurements."

Three hours later, he was done. "I feel strong and healthy. My goal is to be riding in a week as long as the four holes in my head from this frame on my head heal quick," said Perry following the treatment. Further treatments will depend on the results of today's initial treatment.

Josh Perry remains positive. "It sucks but it could be worse," said Perry.

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