Inside Daniel Dhers' house

Cody York

Daniel Dhers inside his Greenville, N.C. home.

Greenville, N.C. has long been a go-to destination for aspiring BMX pros, starting with Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist in the late '90s. In its time on the BMX map, Greenville has spawned scores of BMX pros, a full-length documentary on the BMX scene, countless X Games medals and two privately-owned BMX park warehouses that have pushed the boundaries of park riding forward by leaps and bounds.

These days, you don't hear much buzz about Greenville, but it still possesses one of the most healthy BMX scenes in the U.S. with help from international pros such as Daniel Dhers and a healthy Australian contingent. Dhers, 27, originally hails from Caracas, Venezuela. After living at Woodward Camp for several years, Dhers went all in on a house in Greenville, N.C., also purchasing Dave Mirra's warehouse (The Animal House) to continue riding at a high level. On a recent trip to Pro Town, Daniel invited us over to his home to give us the tour. Welcome to the house that BMX built and paid for, courtesy of Daniel Dhers' riding.

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