DC Shoes drops BMX program

Jeremy Pavia

DC shoes team rider Corey Bohan on the DC Roughin' It tour in 2011.

DC Shoes dropped their entire BMX program on Friday, according to DC Shoes Director of Marketing Mike Aland.

"Yesterday I had to say goodbye to the DC BMX team. I have a hole in my heart and can't describe how bad I'll miss each of the guys. They are the most humble, hardworking, talented group of athletes in action sports. RIP DC BMX," said Aland via Twitter.

The team included Corey Bohan, Chris Doyle, Edwin De La Rosa, Anthony Napolitan, Rob Wise, Brett Banasiewicz, Mike Clark, Jeremiah Smith, Kelly Bolton, Alfredo Mancuso and Ryan Jordan, in addition to several flow team riders.

"Worst day of my life. These guys are family. I see them more than my kids. I wish it would have been different," he added.

Founded in 1993 by Ken Block and Damon Way, DC recruited their first BMX team in the late '90s, which included riders such as Chad Kagy, Robbie Morales, Leigh Ramsdell and Chris Doyle, among others. In 2001, Dave Mirra signed with DC and worked with the brand to design their first signature BMX shoe. During the mid '00s, DC scaled back their BMX program to focus on several select riders, including X Games BMX Park gold medalist Daniel Dhers. Then, in May of 2011, the brand expanded their BMX roster to include the above riders in addition to Brad Simms, who left the team in December of 2012.

The brand recently released a Rob Wise signature shoe in collaboration with Wise's component sponsor Demolition.

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