Zack Warden repeats BMX Big Air win

Zack Warden lands new backflip combination in the GoPro BMX Big Air at X Games Barcelona 2013.

BARCELONA, Spain -- Zack Warden won his second gold in a row in GoPro BMX Big Air at the finale to X Games Barcelona on Sunday night. Warden won a new backflip bike flip late tailwhip combo over the MegaRamp gap, then launched into a triple tailwhip more than 13 feet above the lip of the 27-foot quarterpipe.

Warden won his first gold in this event last month at X Games in Brazil with a backflip bike flip -- he calls it the "Iron Lotus" -- that put him on top of the podium there.

"It's truly a feeling I can't describe ... I'm on cloud nine right now," Warden said, breathless after edging out Vince Byron and Colton Satterfield for the win by just one point.

Warden attempted the backflip bike flip to late tailwhip in practice at X Games in Brazil but was unable to land the new trick during the competition last month. As the cameras panned to him standing atop the MegaRamp on Sunday in Barcelona, he dedicated the new trick to his mother and wished her a happy birthday.

Trick progression ruled the night during BMX Big Air finals: Chad Kagy unleashed a new freestyle motocross-style cliffhanger backflip over the gap, while Satterfield landed a 360 decade backflip over the gap. Although not a new trick, silver medalist Byron was the only rider to land a 540 at height on the quarterpipe portion of the MegaRamp.

"With BMX Big Air, this is the simplest, biggest thing we've got and it's up to us to push ourselves to always try to bring new stuff to the table, so who knows what the possibilities are with this ramp?" Warden said. "It's up to us to find out."

Taking the Big Air aspect of the concept at face value, Morgan Wade launched a backflip over the gap at top speed and sent a one-handed inverted air 23 feet, 3 inches above the quarterpipe to set a new X Games record on his way to a sixth place finish.

Douglas Leite had previously set the mark at 22 feet, 1 inch last month in Brazil.

GoPro BMX Big Air Final

Place Name Points
1 Zack Warden 92.00 R
2 Vince Byron 90.00 R
3 Colton Satterfield 90.00 R
4 Chad Kagy 90.00 R
5 Steve McCann 89.66 R
6 Morgan Wade 88.33 R
7 Andy Buckworth 86.00 R
8 Sebastian Keep 82.33 R

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