Mitchie Brusco lands 1080, silver medal

Mitchie Brusco earns Silver medal in Skateboard Big Air final at X Games Barcelona 2013

BARCELONA, Spain -- Sixteen-year old Mitchie Brusco landed his first 1080 on the MegaRamp on Friday during the Skateboard Big Air finals en route to a silver medal behind Bob Burnquist.

"I figured there was no better place to do it than here," Brusco said. "I mean, all the big stuff goes down at X Games."

This is the first time a skateboarder has landed a 1080 on the MegaRamp at X Games. Last year, Tom Schaar landed a 1080 on the Mini Mega ramp at an X Games event in Asia.

Brusco first popped up at X Games in 2010 in the Vert Amateurs competition but quickly progressed to the big leagues. He finished fifth in Skateboard Big Air at his proper X Games debut in 2011 and won silver at X Games Los Angeles 2012 with a 720 over the gap and a 900 on the quarterpipe, the first time the trick was landed in competition.

On Thursday, Brusco landed the 900 again, in the best trick portion of the Skateboard Vert finals, ultimately winning bronze behind longtime mentor Bucky Lasek and Brazilian skater Marcelo Bastos.

On Friday, he went even bigger, landing a kickflip 180 over the gap to set up for his lofty 1080, measured at an astounding 4.1 meters above the lip of the quarterpipe. The 1080 club is among the most exclusive in skateboarding; Brusco's young friends Schaar, 13, and Jono Schwan, 16, are the only other skaters to land the trick.

Lasek was among the first, as was Burnquist, to congratulate Brusco after he landed the 1080 cleanly. Burnquist has helped coach Brusco on his backyard MegaRamp over the years.

"I just can't believe this kid did a 1080, like, first try," Burnquist said after Friday's competition.

"We're definitely all trying to beat each other and going for gold," Brusco said, explaining the level of camaraderie among the competitors. "But when we get up there, if someone lands something amazing, everyone's just as hyped as they are."

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