Collab: Dusters x The Doors

Robby Krieger, guitarist for The Doors, on roller-skate skateboards, building backyard ramps and making the L.A. music scene

Dwindle Distribution's Dusters Skateboards has just released a collaboration with none other than legendary Los Angeles rock 'n' roll group The Doors. Two cruiser boards featuring iconic graphics from the band will hit first, with a third board dropping in the fall. The Dusters line offers a variety of cruisers, longboards and shapes for riding pools and skating street, all with a visual nod to the early years of skateboarding.

It was an organic association, says Dusters creative director Nano Nobrega of the project. "Dusters is bred from the same spirit that was born in the '60s and '70s, when skateboarding, surfing and music defined themselves against the establishment," he explains. "The eclectic music and lifestyle of The Doors were strong influencers in shaping the rise and style of skateboarding in that era."

The improvisational nature of The Doors' performances shared an immediacy and investigatory creativity with skateboarding, and both the band and the sport grew out of the Los Angeles streets. In fact, The Doors' guitarist, Robby Krieger, was not only a musical innovator but also a pioneer of skateboarding: He made his first board by nailing the bottom of a pair of roller skates to a two-by-four back in 1958.

The Doors' music has proved to be an apt soundtrack for the legendary skate-video parts that survived them -- Ocean Howell in the H-Street video, Pat Duffy in Plan B's "Questionable," Jamie Thomas in "Misled Youth." Now the relationship has come full circle. Decades after The Doors first put Los Angeles on the map with incendiary songs like "L.A. Woman" and "Light My Fire," their Dusters boards are lighting up the Sunset Strip and Venice Beach. To find out where you can get your hands on one of these collectible boards, go to

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