Mike Mason wins Moto X Speed & Style

Mike Mason bests Javier Villegas to win gold in Moto X Speed & Style at X Games Munich 2013

MUNICH -- Mike Mason fended off a rallying Javier Villegas on Friday night at X Games Munich to secure his second consecutive Moto X Speed & Style gold medal.

"The start means everything," Mason said. "I knew the tricks I was going to do and the lines I was going to take, and I knew as long as I got the starts, I'd be OK."

Mason's gold medal performance included a heel-clicker flip and fully executed underflip, combining the Nevada native's strong background in both Arenacross racing and FMX competition. Mason won Speed & Style gold last month at X Games Barcelona, which brings his total event medal count up to four, three of them gold.

On his way to the top, Mason dispatched X Games Foz gold medalist Lance Coury in the quarterfinals and edged out Josh Sheehan in the semifinals.

Along with a great start in the final, Mason never gave Villegas a chance to pass him through a corner. Villegas beat out Swiss rider Mat Rebeaud in the quarterfinals and the highly decorated Nate Adams in the semis.

Villegas' silver is his best finish in the discipline and his first medal since claiming the bronze last summer at X Games Los Angeles. 

In Friday's bronze medal matchup, Adams outpaced Sheehan by nearly four seconds, just enough to claim the third spot on the podium despite the Aussie's slightly higher freestyle score.

"I was watching Mike race Arenacross before I ever knew him," Adams said about Mason. "It's just a privilege to [race] with the guy. He's a great racer, he's got great corner skills and great tricks. He puts on an attitude like he doesn't care at all. He's very easygoing and doesn't get nervous. He just rides to the fullest of his ability."

Mason is expected to ride for the discipline's first three-peat in August at X Games Los Angeles.

Speed & Style Gold Match

Place Name Points
1 Mike Mason 96.659 R
2 Javier Villegas 85.00

Speed & Style Bronze Match

Place Name Points
1 Nate Adams 93.02 R
2 Josh Sheehan 88.66

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