Bob Burnquist wins 25th X Games medal

Bob Burnquist wins his fifth consecutive gold medal in Skateboard Big Air at X Games Munich 2013

MUNICH -- Bob Burnquist captured his fifth consecutive Skateboard Big Air gold medal at X Games Munich on Sunday, bringing his total medal count to 25, the most in X Games history.

"Everyone was skating so good, I just can't believe this is happening," the 36-year-old Brazilian said right after his win. "That's just an honor. I've been skating X Games since day one. To be healthy and representing Brazil, I'm just stoked."

Before Sunday's gold medal, Burnquist was tied at 24 with BMX and RallyCross athlete Dave Mirra for the most X Games medals.

During the first section of Big Air competition, during which riders were scored only on their tricks over the ramp's gap, Burnquist set the stage by landing a switch backside 540 ollie, a competitive first that accounted for half of his overall final score.

In the full-run section, Burnquist jumped from fifth place to the top of the leaderboard with help from his signature Indy 360, pushing the 20-foot mark above the lip of the quarterpipe. "I'm really loving the format this year, which forces everybody to learn some new tricks over the gap and adds some more technical skateboarding to an already intense competition," Burnquist said.

On Burnquist's heels for most of the contest, Elliot Sloan suffered a hard slam early in the event, but he stayed in the contest to pull off a tail-grab 720 over the gap and took home the silver medal, his third medal of the 2013 X Games global tour.

Tom Schaar, 13, earned the bronze medal and became the youngest medalist in Big Air history. Schaar spun a 720 over the gap and landed a melon 900 on the quarterpipe.

"I've really been working at both the gap and going higher on the quarterpipe, because I don't want to just be known for the big spins," Schaar said. "I've got a couple of things I've been working on for Los Angeles to try to get a couple more steps up the podium, so I'll be looking forward to that for sure."

Injuries during Big Air practice eliminated podium contenders Jake Brown, who was knocked unconscious earlier this week and forced by medical staff to withdraw, and Mitchie Brusco, who injured his back prior to the finals.

Skateboard Big Air Final

Place Name Points
1 Bob Burnquist 89.33 R
2 Elliot Sloan 85.83 R
3 Tom Schaar 85.33 R
4 Jagger Eaton 81.165
5 Rony Gomes 76.16
6 Edgard Pereira 73.995
7 Alex Sorgente 57.665

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