Taylor Robert wins Men's Enduro X

Taylor Robert wins gold in Men's Enduro X at X Games Munich 2013

MUNICH -- Taylor Robert won his first X Games gold medal in the Men's Enduro X final on Sunday, the last day of X Games Munich.

Before Sunday, only two men had ever won X Games gold in Enduro X: KTM teammates Taddy Blazusiak and Mike Brown have been trading the gold medal back and forth since the sport debuted in 2011. Robert took a commanding lead in the final lap over Alfredo Gomez and Blazusiak, who took silver and bronze, respectively.

"My first X Games medal and it's a gold, so not a bad way to get 'em started," Robert said. "Mike and Taddy are just amazing competitors and Taddy's probably won 90 percent of all endurocross races ever put on, so it's an amazing feeling to be up there on a podium with those guys."

Robert said racing in Munich's Olympic Stadium allowed for a more expansive and challenging course. "I actually like these bigger X Games runs and this one we had some really big ruts that made it a really challenging track, especially after it rained all week," he said. "It was really hard because the mud still came up through all the dirt. Pretty much every obstacle was wet, and when they get wet, they get really slippery."

Robert's first full season of endurocross racing was in 2011, just in time to ride in the first X Games race, and he's competed in all five X Games Enduro X events. 

"It's been really cool to get into it right as the sport was growing," he said. "My career's been growing as the sport's been growing, and it's unbelievable to get to travel to places like Brazil, Spain and Germany to ride my bike."

Enduro X will return to X Games Los Angeles in August. "L.A.'s still the biggest one, the original one," says Robert, "and hopefully I can get a lot more of my friends and family from Arizona there and win another one of these."

Men's Enduro X Final

Place Name Points
1 Taylor Robert 11:36.111 R
2 Alfredo Gomez 11:48.868
3 Taddy Blazusiak 12:05.966
4 Graham Jarvis 12:33.410
5 Mike Brown 12:51.856
6 Kyle Redmond 11:54.622
7 Cory Graffunder 11:59.915
8 Jonny Walker 12:10.835
9 Gary Sutherlin 12:25.957
10 Colton Haaker 12:30.165
11 Max Gerston 13:07.423
12 Justin Soule 11:37.059
13 Mike Hartmann 11:42.895
14 Bryan Roper 12:40.636
15 Ricky Dietrich 10:39.098

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