Toomas Heikkinen wins Ford RallyCross No. 2

Toomas Heikkinen wins the gold medal in Ford RallyCross Race No. 2 at X Games Munich 2013

MUNICH -- Clear skies prevailed on the final day of competition on Sunday as Toomas "Topi" Heikkinen took home his first Ford RallyCross gold medal at X Games Munich.

"I'm so proud of my team," Heikkinen said right after the win, getting mobbed in the pits by his crew. "It feels good [to win], but we still have a long season ahead and we have to concentrate on L.A. We have to have some kind of party tonight, and tomorrow we'll concentrate on the future."

The 22-year-old from Finland has medaled at each of his X Games RallyCross appearances this year, his gold on Sunday accomplishing his quest to complete his hardware colorway. He won silver in April at X Games Foz, and the bronze on Saturday here in Munich. Heikkinen is the youngest RallyCross medalist in X Games history.

Saturday's gold medalist, Liam Doran, threaded the holeshot through the first turn in the 10-lap final, but lost his brief lead to Heikkinen through Turn 3. Tanner Foust slotted into the third-place position, and there the leaderboard would stay through to the checkered flag.

Doran expressed resentment with Heikkinen's approach to the race. "What [Heikkinen] does to people just isn't fair, it's not racing. He just drives into people and gets them out of his way," Doran said. "If you have a tap every now and again, that happens. He just drives people off the track. There's just no respect."

X Games rookie Mattias Ekstrom finished fourth and Saturday's silver medalist, Ken Block false started and was sent briefly to the penalty box, where he lost considerable ground. Block was gunning for his first RallyCross gold from the front row of the starting grid and finished the race in fifth. But he was disqualified for aggressive conduct. No further details were available late Sunday night, but everyone who finished after Block moved up one spot.

Another favorite in Sunday's race was 39-year-old Brian Deegan, who produced some of the fastest qualifying laps of the day, but ended up with a punctured tire early in the final. Deegan, who won his qualifying heat despite being relegated to the last row of the starting grid for scrubbing his tires, finished the race 10th, but moved up to ninth with Block's DQ.

Heikkinen rose to X Games prominence at X Games Los Angeles 2012, when his Ford Fiesta failed to complete a 50-foot gap jump on the RallyCross course. The car caught fire after the crash, but Heikkinen escaped the crash with a broken ankle and other injuries.

RallyCross 2 Final

Place Name Points
1 Toomas Heikkinen 7:01.626 R
2 Liam Doran 7:06.068
3 Tanner Foust 7:11.234
4 Mattias Ekstrom 7:22.413
5 Steve Arpin 7:25.448
6 Townsend Bell 7:28.033
7 Guiga Spinelli 7:32.012
8 Sverre Isachsen 6:59.756
9 Brian Deegan 1:41.922
-- Ken Block Disqualified

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