Javier Villegas out of Moto X Speed & Style


Javier Villegas' X rays shows a broken femur.

AUSTIN, Texas -- Javier Villegas did not compete in Saturday's Moto X Speed & Style due to a broken femur suffered in practice at Circuit of the Americas.

Villegas posted an image of his X rays to Instagram and apologized for missing the event. Jarryd McNeil took Villegas' place and won bronze in the event -- his Speed & Style debut.

"I'm doing OK," Villegas told XGames.com. "Not as well as this morning, but that's the way it goes. I'm having a bad year, man."

"I wasn't 100 percent back but I figured I could still come and do a good race," he said. "Unfortunately the wind caught me during practice and I lost control of the bike in the air and hit one of the jumps. I'd really hoped to be doing well at X Games and X Fighters this year, so this is really tough. I'll have to get surgery and try to make a better recovery before next year."

After complaining of additional torso pain, further evaluation and tests performed on Villegas revealed a partially collapsed lung and minor rib fractures. He was advised by an area hospital to stay for observation, but declined. Precautionary measures and recommendations were discussed prior to discharge.

Earlier it had been reported that Villegas was out of the event due to a head injury suffered during practice, but was later cleared of having a concussion, he told XGames.com. CT and chest scans performed on Villegas were also negative earlier in the day.

Villegas previously won Speed & Style silver at X Games Munich 2013 and Moto X Freestyle bronze at X Games Los Angeles 2012. Villegas, a champion racer in Chile before moving to the U.S. to shift his focus to freestyle, would have been a podium favorite in Speed & Style.

McNeil, a former Australian national motocross champion, has made the podium in Moto X Best Whip three times, taking home two silver medals and one bronze.

Wind concerns forced seeding for Speed & Style to be done by a random draw and the event to be shortened from three laps down to two.

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