Parrot wins Men's Snowboard Big Air

2025 days ago

Max Parrot stomps the first quad underflip in competition to win the gold medal in America's Navy Snowboard Big Air, Friday night at X Games Aspen 2017.


Martinod wins W's Ski SuperPipe gold

2025 days ago

X Games Tignes 2013 Ski SuperPipe gold medalist, Marie Martinod, wins her second gold in Women's Ski SuperPipe, Friday night at X Games Aspen 2017.


Brock Hoyer wins SnowBikeCross

2025 days ago

Brock Hoyer wins gold in the first-ever X Games Snow BikeCross race, Friday at X Games Aspen 2017. Colton Haaker and Cody Matechuk crossed the line in the silver and bronze medal positions, respectively.