Real Snow Backcountry spotlight: Bode Merrill

The difference between watching a snowboard video by yourself and watching it in the company of another *really good* snowboarder can be incredible. Often times there are so many nuances that we miss, but they see, for the simple reason that they know what it takes to pull a video part off. So we figured for this contest we'd ask everyone in it what they saw and liked most about their fellow RSBC contenders' parts. Because this is snowboarding, after all. There are no real competitors here -- only friends. Enjoy.

To watch Bode Merrill's full part, go to the Real Snow BC Fan Favorite voting page.


  • John Jackson: Bode's entire part is psycho! I don't think the shot of that first switch back five actually does justice to how big that thing was. It looks like a tricky landing too. I also like the cornice ride to double back 3. That style of terrain is always so hard to manage. And then the double backie one leg was nuts!

  • Mikey Rencz: I can't even comprehend the double backie one foot. That is just crazy to me. He stomps it so smooth too -- better than most people can land in powder with two feet strapped in.

  • Eric Jackson: The one-footed double backie was crazy, but the fast plant front flip... I was like, Wow! WTF? He's gonna win.

    Bryan Iguchi: Bode is a true innovator and beast. The double line in AK and all the massive jumps and tricks are impressive, but the one-footed fast plant to front flip, and the double back? Mind blowing! 

  • Scotty Lago: Unreal trickery. Don't know if I could even do that stuff on Cool Boarders!

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