Real Snow Backcountry spotlight: Scotty Lago

The difference between watching a snowboard video by yourself and watching it in the company of another *really good* snowboarder can be incredible. Often times there are so many nuances that we miss, but they see, for the simple reason that they know what it takes to pull a video part off. So we figured for this contest we'd ask everyone in it what they saw and liked most about their fellow RSBC contenders' parts. Because this is snowboarding, after all. There are no real competitors here -- only friends. Enjoy.

To watch Scotty Lago's full part, go to the Real Snow BC Fan Favorite voting page.


  • Bode Merrill: Scotty's style has always been one of my favorites. The front five stalefish he does is so good. I can't believe he lands that thing in the flat. I love the frontside 180 cliff drop, first try. That's one of my favorite tricks to see because they're so hard to do good. The old school front rodeo 7 is perfect also. 

  • Eric Jackson: That front rodeo off the toes was so rad. You don't see that very much anymore.

  • John Jackson: I'm a sucker for a frontside rodeo, and he did that frontside rodeo 7 a little differently than most -- in a good way. It caught me by surprise! That backside 180 method was really sick too!

  • Mikey Rencz: His frontside spins, with the stalefish, is a classic Lago look. He's got such good style. I'm always hyped to see what he puts together.

    Bryan Iguchi: Timeless style...

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