Announcing the Real Series 2018 video competition lineup

The "World of X Games" Real video competition Series is back for 2018, featuring Real Ski, Snow, Street, BMX, Moto and Real Wake Driven by MasterCraft.

A forum for the world's best riders and filmers to create premium action sports video content, the Real Series brings together the worlds of competitive action sports and core video parts for six competitions in 2018 - Ski, Snowboard, Street, BMX, Moto and Wakeboard. Now in its ninth year, the Real Series will feature past Real Series winners and Fan Favorites, X Games medalists and up-and-coming riders from around the world. This year, X Games silver medalist Samarria Brevard will also become the first female skater to drop a Real Street part.

The list of invited riders and filmers for Real Snow, Ski, Skate and BMX is below. Real Moto and Real Wake Driven by MasterCraft athletes will be announced at a later date.

Real Snow
Frank Bourgeois/William Demers
Anto Chamberland/Sam Sosnowski
Dan Brisse/Mikael Ahtikari
Ozzy Henning/Cole Taylor
Benny Urban/Alex Pfeffer
Bode Merrill/Jon Stark

Real Ski
Magnus Graner/Gustav Cavallin
LJ Strenio/Jake Strassman
Phil Casabon/Alexandre Casabon & Brady Perron
Mike Hornbeck/Spencer Milbocker
Antti Ollila/Joonas Mattila
Keegan Kilbride/Ethan Timmons

Real Street
Bobby Worrest/John Valenti
Cole Wilson/Don Luong
Chris Joslin/Devin Lopez
Trevor Colden/Blake Matthews
Chris Cole/Chris Ray
Ryan Lay/Matt Blevins
Samarria Brevard/Monique O'Tool

Real BMX
Kevin Peraza/Juani Zurita
Colin Varanyak/Doeby
Brad Simms/Christian Rigal
Corey Martinez/Peter Adam
Tom Dugan/Darryl Tocco
Sean Ricany/Veesh

Real Moto
Kris Foster/Anthony Vitale
Axell Hodges/Ash Hodges
Colton Haaker/Jimmy Bowron
Brian McCarty/Josh Metzger
Colby Raha/Tyson Traner
Jimmy Hill/Joe Carlino

Real Wake
Steel Lafferty/Aaron Rathy
Tyler Higham/Trever Maur
Felix Georgii/Steffen Vollert
Dylan Miller/Trevor Bashir
Daniel Grant/Brandon Thomas
Guenther Oka/Taylor Hanley

Like past Real Series competitions, each sport's video parts will premiere on where fans can watch and vote for their favorite. The video parts will be judged by a panel of industry experts and the medalists will be revealed in a one-hour "World of X Games" show that will premiere on ABC 10 days after the videos drop.

The Real Series on ABC schedule for 2018 is detailed below:

Competition Schedule
Real Ski: February 14 (debuts on, February 24 (airs on World of X Games)
Real Snow: March 14 (debuts on, March 24 (airs on World of X Games)
Real Street: April 25 (debuts on, May 5 (airs on World of X Games)
Real BMX: May 30 (debuts on, June 9 (airs on World of X Games)
Real Moto: August 15 (debuts on, August 26 (airs on World of X Games)
Real Wake: September 6 (debuts on, September 16 (airs on World of X Games)

The schedule is subject to change.

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