The ESPN Daily: The NBA is team no sleep, "Little Giants" turns 25 and the wildest 48 hours of one closer's life

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No rest for the weary ...  For quite some time, at least one of the folks who write this newsletter subsisted on about five hours of sleep per night. We will be charitable and say that this was, in the long run, ill-advised. You can imagine how much we would have been affected if, say, we had to engage in athletic competition at the highest levels the next day. For NBA players, it's not something they have to imagine: Sleep deprivation is a consequence of playing 82 games in six months while traveling more than 50,000 miles. Baxter Holmes talked to NBA players, coaches and GMs to learn about an issue everyone in the league has to deal with. Read More


"My biggest fear is not being here"  A brain tumor diagnosis is one of the scariest things a person can experience. For Kelly Stafford, wife of Lions QB Matt Stafford and mother to three children, that particular nightmare came true in January. Her surgery had a 50% chance of causing her to lose her hearing entirely. Now, six months after the operation, she's sharing her story, including the people who helped her make it through.  Read More

"Little Giants" turns 25 ... This isn't the kind of movie they make anymore: a story of underdog kids in a small town learning how to play football for the first time for a game with, frankly, incredibly high stakes. "Little Giants" was a sleeper hit and one of the best examples of a pure '90s movie that exists. To celebrate its lasting cultural impact, we talked to the cast and crew for an inside look at how the whole thing came together.  Read More

Finding the new "He Hate Me" ... The inaugural draft of the new XFL starts today, and it looks a little bit different than traditional drafts. Rounds are split up by position, there's a snake draft rule in effect, and just in general, it's going to be a little odd. You should see some very familiar faces there, however. We've got a full preview for you right here.  Read More

The wildest 48 hours of his life ...  Nationals closer Daniel Hudson had an interesting couple of days. First, he pitched in the Nationals' upset NLDS win against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Next, he hurried to his wife's side for the birth of their daughter. Here's an account of perhaps the craziest days of Hudson's life ... and Sara Hudson's hilarious take on the uproar over her husband missing Game 1 of the NLCS. Read More


Brett Favre looks back on an iconic play, where he was able to take a play out of Joe Montana's playbook, beat the Patriots defense and hoist his helmet in the air.



The Biles factor ...  Over the past week in Germany, Simone Biles has showcased just how comprehensive her powers of gymnastics are. There are the high-flying routines, sure, but there's also more: unflappable consistency, perfect showmanship and the ability to be a leader for her teammates. It's why we can say with no hyperbole that Biles is the greatest to ever step foot on a gymnastics mat. Read More


"Mine curls up. His [mustache] is a sad face." 

-- Saints DE Cam Jordan on why his mustache is better than Gardner Minshew's   Read more


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On this date in 1988, an injured Kirk Gibson hit a pinch-hit walk-off home run for the Dodgers in Game 1 of the World Series. The sight of him hobbling around the basepaths, pumping his fist in victory, became one of the most iconic images in baseball history. Watch


Sweden vs. Spain (2:35 p.m. ET, ESPNEWS):  Spain remains perfect in Euro 2020 qualifying. They'll face their biggest challenge against Sweden, who are right behind them in Group F. You can catch the rest of the Euro 2020 qualifying games at 2:35 p.m. ET on the ESPN App.

Astros at Yankees (4:08 p.m. ET, TBS); Cardinals at Nationals (8:05 p.m. ET, TBS): Houston and New York face off with their series tied 1-1. It'll be a matchup of aces, as Gerrit Cole takes on Luis Severino. On the NLCS side of things, Washington is one win from a World Series appearance after marching to a commanding 3-0 series lead over St. Louis.

College Football Playoff: Top 25 (7 p.m. ET, ESPN):  Need to be up to date on what the latest college football rankings mean for the upcoming playoff? We've got you covered.

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