Shaun White discusses heart condition with Jimmy Kimmel

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"My parents explained to me what happened, but they didn't hover over me to be cautious," explains Shaun White to Jimmy Kimmel.

On Monday, late night host Jimmy Kimmel opened up about the week he was away, disclosing the information that Kimmel and wife, "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" co-head writer Molly McNearney, had welcomed a new baby boy into their family. But the monologue quickly turned tearful when Kimmel also revealed that his new son was born with a congenital heart defect.

Kimmel's son, William "Billy' Kimmel" was rushed into open heart surgery at just three days old. "It was the longest three hours of my life," said Kimmel during his monologue, which later took on the national healthcare debate.

Kimmel's son is reportedly recovering well, but will need additional surgery within a few months. However, Kimmel was given a ray of hope from an unexpected "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" guest: X Games snowboarder and Olympic gold medalist Shaun White.

According to Kimmel, when his son was diagnosed with the condition, he was also told that Shaun White had the same condition.

"And I thought, oh no, my son is gonna be a snowboarder," says Kimmel as he welcomes White onto the Kimmel Live set.

Jimmy and his wife welcome a new baby and it is quite a story... *LINK IN BIO*

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To comfort Kimmel, White then explained the condition and how his family managed throughout the ordeal. It's a warming moment when Kimmel, prone to revealing his vulnerability on camera, looks to White to ask how to proceed as a parent without imposing athletic limits on his newborn child. The conversation continues with White explaining his history with stress tests, his lack of scarring and Olympic training.

It also hints at a possible Olympic skateboarding run for White in 2020.

Kimmel was out on Tuesday, replaced by guest host Will Arnett, while White has returned to Mammoth for Olympic training.

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