Harley-Davidson Hooligan Qualifier Races move to California

ESPN Images

After a successful debut as part of the event in Boise in 2018, the Harley-Davidson Hooligan Racing qualifier will move to a standalone event on Thursday, June 20 in Industry Hills, California. The Hooligan qualifying race will be a class in Thursday night's Born-Free Stampede, which is a preview to the weekend's custom motorcycle show.

Similar to Harley Hooligan Racing at X Games Minneapolis, the Stampede event will take place on a flat track course at Industry Racing at Industry Hills Expo Center. More than 100 riders from across the country will be invited, spanning all ability levels. The top 48 qualifiers will receive an invite to X Games Minneapolis 2019. The recap show will air July 28 as part of the World to X Games programming on ABC.

Harley Hooligan racing provides an opportunity for interested amateur riders to compete in Flat Track. Participation in the sport is easily attainable for just about every motorcycle enthusiast, given the ability to race using low-cost, garage-built motorcycles. Harley Hooligan racing encourages participation over competition and gives even novice racers the chance to experience the thrill of Flat Track racing.

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