Meet the X Games Minneapolis 2019 Zoom photo contest finalists

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Meet the finalists of the X Games Minneapolis 2019 Zoom photography contest. Go to to see all of the photos and vote for your favorite image. The photographer with the most votes will receive $10,000 and an X Games gold medal for action sports photography. The winner will be announced during the live broadcast of X Games Minneapolis.

Anthony Acosta
Los Angeles, California
Anthony Acosta is a professional skateboard photographer from Los Angeles. His work has been featured in magazines worldwide for a decade. He enjoys the sport and respects the athletes, whom he is able to capture from angles and compositions that are unique to his craft. He has been a staff photographer for Vans shoes and The Skateboard Mag for more than 10 years.

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Jake Darwen
Los Angeles, California
Darwen is a New Zealand-born skateboard photographer currently based in Los Angeles. The 26-year-old Kiwi has developed a signature style for capturing skateboarding and the unique lifestyle and landscapes that go with it. Darwen strives to find new ways and unexpected geographic locations to document the sport he loves, and his work is sought by some of the biggest names and brands in skating because of it.

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Rob Dolecki
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rob Dolecki has been capturing BMX images professionally for over two decades. Currently based in Philadelphia, Rob shoots for, freelances and also works on his personal, independent print and video series, titled "Maintain." As a BMX lifer, Rob also rides when time allows, travels to new locales around the globe and continues to refine and push his creativity behind the lens to new heights.

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Tal Roberts
Portland, Oregon
Tal Roberts got his start in the world of creating still images by hitting the pause button when the tricks looked just right on the classic skateboard videos of the mid 1990s. Though he didn't use a real camera until years later, the desire to document his passions was set early. Originally from Gig Harbor, Washington, Tal now lives in Portland, Oregon and continues to focus on taking pictures of his friends having fun.

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Chris Tedesco
Temecula, California
Chris Tedesco found his love for photography through his passion for dirt bikes. While competing in New Jersey amateur motocross, he used downtime between races to practice photographing his friends on track. Being published internationally at 16, he knew that he could turn his dream into a reality. By 22, action sports and motorsport photography became his career. After more than a decade of capturing photos, Tedesco is most grateful for the experiences and friends he's made through his camera.

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Ben Thouard
Tahiti, French Polynesia
Ben grew up in the south of France, where his father was a sailor and taught him everything about the ocean. Coached by my older brothers, he quickly fell in love with surfing and spent as much time as possible in the ocean. At 15, he began photographing his friends surfing and later studied photography in Paris. He then traveled the world alongside professionals in search of photogenic landscapes and waves that have never been surfed before. At 22, he decided to move to Tahiti. Ben quickly made Teahupo'o's famous wave his backyard and his favorite place to shoot. In the last few years Ben has risen to the top of game, being the one of the leading photographers based in the the tropical paradise called French Polynesia.

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