SWMRS to open X Games Minneapolis 2019

Courtesy SWMRS

Within the opening bars of SWMRS second LP comes a sea change. You think you're in familiar rock territory with the Oakland-formed quartet when suddenly an electronic beat kicks in that throws you for a loop. The same thing happens throughout the ten tracks that make up Berkeley's On Fire -- the band's most urgent, electrifying and groundbreaking record to date. "We started having conversations about how to make something brand new within the genre of rock," says co-frontman and songwriter Cole Becker. "That's what we talked about every single day."

The band are chomping at the bit to feed the new material to their fanbase, with whom they have an immediate connection with via social media. It's a symbiotic relationship, where SWMRS learn as much from their audience's perspectives as their fans do from them. As for the lack of trendiness surrounding guitar-based music, the guys couldn't care less. They're encouraged by the freedom that offers them to try all manner of things. "This is somewhat of an experimental gamble," says Max. "I'm tired of being bored by what I hear," offers Cole. Through touring it they hope to create not just a safe space, but a welcoming community for anyone to feel love for one another and to express themselves to their fullest potential. "I want to give people the feeling I got when I went to my first punk rock show," says Cole. "Floating above the world, feeling alive."

SWMRS perform live on Thurs., Aug. 1 at 7:45 p.m. CT at X Games Minneapolis 2019.

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