X Games Norway 2018: Introducing DJ Herkules

X Games Norway

Listen to DJ Herkules on Soundcloud here.

DJ Herkules have created the sound of Norwegian action sports for decades, with heavy involvement in skateboarding, motocross, skiing and snowboarding. As one of the leading hip-hop DJs in Norway, as well as a semi-professional snowboarder, DJ Herkules is able to adapt his musical pursuits to action sports contests far and wide, inspiring fans and athletes to push the envelope.

Beginning in 2003, DJ Herkules served as the official DJ for The Arctic Challenge. And in the time since, DJ Herkules became one of the most prominent names at clubs, events, concerts and festivals, including live appearances with Warlocks, Diaz, Son of Light, Don Martin, Mad Con, Lars Vaular, Kenneth Engebregtsen and many more. When International hip hop stars visit Norway, DJ Herkules is the favorite warm up act for many.

And because of his longstanding partnership with Terje Haakonsen and crew, DJ Herkules became the obvious choice for turning tables at X Games Norway. With an ability to seamlessly cross musical genres and get athletes pumped, look for DJ Herkules to be providing the inspiration and push at X Games Norway 2018.

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