Real Moto 2018

The Real Moto 2018 gold medalist, Axell Hodges, has won the Fan Favorite award, bringing this year's all-freestyle Moto X video contest brought to you by the World of X Games to an end. The Fan Favorite vote was a one round, winner-takes-all battle to the finish where fans watched the videos below and registered their picks to win. Voting ended at midnight on Monday, August 27.

The behind-the-scenes stories on the making of these Real Moto videos were broadcast in an hourlong "World of X Games" show on ABC on Sunday, August 26, where winners of the judge-awarded X Games gold, silver and bronze medals were announced. Watch the winners' full ABC segments here:

Gold & Fan Favorite: Axell and Ash Hodges

Silver: Kris Foster and Anthony Vitale

Bronze: Colby Raha and Tyson Traner

Full ABC Broadcast show: Real Moto 2018

Watch these profile videos to find out more about the filmers and judges in this year's contest: Filmers Judges Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter

Watch the videos and vote for your favorite athlete

  • Kris Foster
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  • Axell Hodges
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  • Jimmy Hill
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  • Colby Raha
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  • Brian McCarty
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  • Colton Haaker
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X Games Real Moto 2018

X Games Real Moto is back, featuring all-new videos from Kris Foster, Colby Raha, Jimmy Hill, Colton Haaker, Brian McCarty and Axell Hodges. Watch the edits and vote for your favorite at Voting ends on Sunday, August 26.