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Jason Raposo (L) gave SnoCross rider Tucker Hibbert (R) some clean lines at Uncle Jack's Parlor at X Games Aspen 2013.

X Games SnoCross dominator Tucker Hibbert has a lot on his mind this week in Aspen, seeing as he's going for a six-peat in his discipline -- an unprecedented accomplishment for any winter X Games athlete, should he nab it. His training program to get to this level has been so intense, in fact, that he hasn't even had time to get his hair cut -- for 15 years. (Seriously. Ask his wife.)

How convenient that there's a barbershop right here at X Games Aspen.

Uncle Jack's Parlor, part of the X Games STYLE program, is located just looker's right of the Summit Express lift at Buttermilk Mountain -- complete with striped pole. There's also a setup in the VIP area and one in the Athlete Lounge. Inside, professional shearers will give you a fade, carve your favorite sports team's logo into your dome (and spray-color it), get you dialed with a hot-lather shave or, as in Hibbert's case, just clean up your buzz cut.

For free.

"Basically, the barbers have been spreading their wings and doing a lot of events like this," says Barber Authority's Jason Raposo -- who wielded the clippers for Hibbert's cut -- about how the parlor concept came together. "A good friend of mine, Steve from Sims Barber Shop, who does a lot of Lollapalooza and rock tours, he'd reached out to ESPN ... and they chose us to be the elite team of barbers from all over the United States to meet up here and cut hair for the X Games guys."

Raposo, who hails from West Haven, Conn., runs a barber academy in his hometown and also has a 22-chair barber facility. Being a barber, he says, means he's bad with names, but great with haircuts. Nonetheless, we suspect he won't forget Hibbert's name anytime soon.

"I'm just starting to become an X Games fan," says Raposo. "I feel the energy here and it's beautiful, but when they told me that [Hibbert's], like, a six-time gold medalist and that he runs stuff over here, I was really honored to cut his hair. He was really humble. And I cut [hair for] a couple people in his entourage, and it was just a great experience."

But was it a good time for Hibbert? We caught up with him to get the scoop on his man-spa experience. So, we hear this is your first professional haircut in 15 years. Is that true?
Tucker Hibbert:
[Laughs.] Yeah, that's true. Embarrassingly, I cut my own hair all the time, which saves me time and money. I'm not too much of a style-y, fancy guy, so I'm okay with just buzzing my hair.

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Barbershop stylings courtesy of the Uncle Jack's Parlor crew.

So what made you decide to go over to Uncle Jack's Parlor and have somebody else do it for you?
Well, the whole plan was to get my dad a haircut, because he hasn't cut his hair in about eight months and it's getting, like, really out of control. So we kinda came up with a plan that we would get him to go to the VIP lounge by telling him that there was lots of good food that he could eat, and then we were gonna guide him over to get his hair cut -- and it backfired completely.

He got kinda mad and then left and didn't get his hair cut. [Laughs.] Apparently he likes his long hair, so me and a couple other guys from the team decided we should just get our hair cut since we were there.

Who else got their hair cut with you?
Paul and Rob, a couple of mechanics on our race team. They decided they needed a little tune-up, so we all got our hair cut and a shave and we're ready for the weekend. We're dialed in.

Old-fashioned hot towel [shave] -- it was the real deal. It was actually pretty cool; I'd consider going back. Maybe Sunday right before the SnoCross finals I can get a little freshen-up. [Laughs.]

Did they get any designs or anything? You just got a straight buzz, right?
I'm pretty much just standard buzz, one-and-a-half guard. One guy got steps above his ears -- you know, the old-school steps on the side?

Like train tracks?
Exactly. So he got a little style, a little flair, but I'm pretty mellow. Reserved.

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