Inside Los Angeles' Ukranian Cultural Center, which hosted the second-annual zine/art/book fair for the individually inspired.

We hit the second-annual Los Angeles Zine Fest on Feb. 17 at the city's Ukrainian Cultural Center to check out the Southern California zine scene and see what caught our eye in the sea of art and vendors (more than 100!). The fest was beyond successful, as zinesters lined up around the block and patiently awaited entrance to the free, packed event. The venue was buzzing with the energy of a community of enthusiasts talking about and sharing what they love. caught up with the classic punk music and culture zine Razorcake; made new friends with the young zine Phat Pile, who's getting it right with their 100-percent skateboarder-owned collective out of Santa Maria, Calif.; and finally got our minds blown, "Scanners"-style, by the strangeness, dark humor and raw sensory overload that is Drippy Bone Books.

We talked with the artists and zine-makers to find out why zines, why here, why now? The general consensus seems to be that as soon as you finish watching this, get off your butt, put some pen to paper and make something, 'cause it ain't gonna make itself.

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