Introducing Zero's Ed Duff


Zero flow team rider Ed Duff getting a tattoo of the name "Dane Burman" by Zero pro Dane Burman.

If you've had a chance to see the new Zero Skateboards video "Cold War," it's hard to miss the blonde behemoth of a human that pops up during the middle of Chris Cole's part to jump on some seriously long rails. But who is he? His name is Ed Duff and he has some of today's heaviest pros in his corner. Recently, took a moment to chat with Duff about his current injuries, his love for Zero and how such a tall skateboarder can sleep in tiny bunk beds at the Black Box warehouse. But first, fellow Zero team riders weighed in.

"Eddy Duff loves skateboarding more than anyone I know. I've devoted my life to skateboarding and lost family, ditched friends and been dumped by girlfriends thanks to it. But my love for skateboarding doesn't even scratch the surface of how much Ed loves it. He's very tall and his body is constantly battling him but he has so much willpower that he pushes through it and still does the gnarliest tricks ever. He's more Zero than anyone on Zero and he lives and loves it. Ed's the best." -Dane Burman

"Edward Duff is one of the tallest, weirdest, ugliest, goofiest kooks I have ever seen on a skateboard. And that somehow instantly made him one of my favorite skateboarders. He's a top special and awesome oddity. Three thumbs up for Ed Duff." -Garrett Hill

"Ed Duff embodies the hometown kid. A normal skate, he rat absolutely loves skateboarding and would give anything to do it as much as humanly possible. He got good at skating but never changed his love for it. Giving him a chance to make his dreams come true is like giving hope to all small town kids who love skateboarding for all the right reasons." -Chris Cole Where are you from, how old are you and how tall are you? 
Duff: I am from Doylestown, Pa., I'm 20 years old and I'm about 6'4".

Who do you skate for?
I ride for Reign skate shop, Fallen Footwear flow, Zero flow, Sock Posse and Phathouse.

How on Earth did you end up making a cameo in Chris Cole's part in "Cold War"?
I don't know. I've been asking myself the same question. I've got a lot of friends over there. I think Anthony Travis (Black Box Filmer) helped out a lot. I think Chris didn't have enough footage and I had some and since Chris is my friend I guess he was down and Jamie [Thomas] was down, thankfully. It was like a dream come true, it's crazy.

You shared a part with one of the greatest skateboarders of all time, and you're a flow guy.
Yeah, and he is my favorite skater too. It's insane. I'm still trying to grasp it.

Which is your favorite Zero video?
That's a tough one. The first one I saw was "New Blood" because that was when I started skating and that got me hooked. So probably "New Blood" and then "Dying To Live." People are probably going to be bummed on that being my favorite Zero video.


Varial heelflip (left) and frontside heelflip (right).

What about all time favorite Zero rider? Don't forget about all the obscure ones too, like Wade Burkitt.
It's Chris Cole for me personally.

You told me you're going to physical therapy. What about you is currently broken?
I am almost done but I tore two out of three ligaments in my ankle back in June skating out in California.

And you're still recovering from that?
Yeah, I go to my doctor next week and hopefully I'll get the okay. I rode around once last week but that's it.

How did you do it?
It was a bummer. I was out staying at Black Box with Dane [Burman] and Kyle [Frederick] and it was a week before the Zero Cold War Tour. I was supposed to drive my car on the whole thing and be on it with everyone, which would have been so much fun, but I rolled it skating that rail that I front feebled in my part. It was a sweet session with all the homies, and I got close to this trick but on one unlucky go I rolled my foot on the log at the bottom of the stairs. I thought that the bone in my ankle was out because it hurt so badly but it was just insanely swollen. I went to the doctor out there and he said I would be able to skate in a month but it turned out to be the most painful three weeks of my life, so I came home and I've been taking care of it out here.

In "Cold War," was that kickflip boardslide you did on Hollywood High the same day that James Brockman did that switch 50/50?
Yeah. Those guys went up the weekend before to take a look at it and see if they wanted to skate it. So I flew in the next weekend and was up in Los Angeles skating with Ant Travis and Dane [Burman] because Ishod [Wair] was there. The next day, all the Zero guys drove up and we went to Hollywood High. I was skating the 12 and having fun and then [James] Brockman 50/50ed the 16 first try. I watched him get the switch grind and I just got so sparked and went for it.

How do you even try a flip in trick on such a big rail?
You cook it and kind of Billy Marks it and make it to the bottom. Then you keep going. I've done that trick a lot but that one got me so hyped.

What's the deal with your life situation?
I'm very fortunate and blessed for having parents that support me and my dad owns this electrical contracting company with his two brothers that my grandfather started. I asked my parents if they want me to work but they told me to just keep skating if that's what I want to do. I'm so lucky.

If you are in fact wealthy, why do you go and stay at Black Box, in their little tiny room, rather than just get a nice apartment out there?
Because it's way sicker! You're there with your good homies and you have this skatepark to yourself. It's like a dream come true. You hang with your homies, watch skate videos and go skating. I love it. I don't care about sleeping in a tiny bunk bed or anything.

You're huge. Aren't you too big for those little beds?
Yes. I have been sleeping in my bed the last six months and I've been so thankful for it. When I'm out there I sleep on the top bunk and Kyle [Frederick] cut off the end so that my feet can hang off. They are made for teenagers. But the room is so sick. I love it.

What was the bet you had with your parents about partying?
Basically, we went to my aunt's funeral a while ago and my dad was telling me about this deal he had with his parents. If the kids in their family didn't drink or smoke until they turned 21, then they would get $1,000. Some of them did and some of them didn't. My dad didn't do it. And I was about 16 at the time so I was like, 'Woah! Let me do something like that.' So my parents told me they would give me $5,000 if I made it until I was 21. Eventually I caved but I'm so thankful I didn't get into any of it when I was younger.

What's next for you?
I am just going to try to get back to skating. As soon as I can Julian [Heller] and I are going to drive back out and stay at Black Box until I can't anymore. Then I'll probably just get an apartment with maybe Ant Travis and Ishod [Wair]. Then filming for whatever.

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