Nyjah Huston dreams big in Ethiopia

"Dream Big: Skateboarders in Ethiopia" documents Nyjah and Kelle Huston's latest Let it Flow project, which combines Nyjah's two biggest passions on a double mission to bring both clean water and the joy of skateboarding to local communities in Ethiopia.

From an early age, street skateboarding phenomenon Nyjah Huston learned the value of clean drinking water. It was a struggle his family dealt with as he rose from skate grommet to international superstar. After paying his dues on the Street League scene, Huston founded a charity that aimed to build clean wells and provide infrastructure to communities in need of clean water. And he made good on his aims. This past January, before the competition scene got underway, Huston invited a group of pro skaters to Ethiopia. The resulting documentary, "Dream Big: Skateboarders in Ethiopia," will air on the 'World of X Games' later this year. Recently, XGames.com caught up with Huston about the project.

XGames.com: How would you summarize the trip?
Huston: My trip to Ethiopia was awesome and an amazing experience. There's no better feeling than to give back and to help out a place that has such loving and positive people.

Normally, skate trips are focused on skating and getting footage, but that wasn't the case in Africa.
Yeah, the main focus of this trip was to help out the people of Ethiopia by repairing water wells and also bring the kids happiness by building them a skate ramp. We also got to skate some spots around the city which was really fun too.

Let It Flow Foundation Ethiopia 2015 trip

Can you describe the work your charity does and what it means to you?
My charity helps build and repair water wells in places that aren't fortunate enough to have clean water. Being able to help out and doing work like that makes me feel great inside and is something that I'm going to love continue doing in the future.

What made this trip a life changing experience for you?
The most life changing thing about this trip was seeing how happy and positive the kids were even though they have so few materials things. It really made me realize how easy we have it back home and how we should appreciate what we have.

How would you describe the skate scene in Africa?
The skate scene in Ethiopia is small but it's growing. It's awesome to see how stoked kids are about skateboarding there, and it was an honor to build them their first proper skate ramp. I'm sure in a couple years all of those kids are going to be killing it.

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