PLG Celebrates Two Decades As Pro

Brian Shamanski

Pierre-Luc Gagnon is one of the best vert skaters in history, as his 21 X Games medals attests. His prowess on the ramp can be partially attributed to his "control freak" attitude and strong work ethic. He owns 9 X Games gold and perhaps the best board control of any skater in the field. He's one of the world's most technical riders, and he combines those skills with good amplitude. PLG was slowed by injured hip muscles in 2014 but remains in great shape, thanks to a great rehab and core workout program.

Pierre-Luc Gagnon is a few days shy of turning 37, and remains one of the best to ever do it on the vert ramp in skateboarding. PLG also lives in an area where vertical skateboarding continues to not only thrive, but expand upon possibilities not yet explored. That area, the North County of San Diego, is home to a plethora of ramps, bowls and backyard pools that challenges the status quo of technical vert skateboarding.

Case in point: The DC/Monster ramp. This is not your typical halfpipe. The DC/Monster ramp has varying transitions, extensions, banks, channels and even polejams, which PLG's brand of tech easily adapts to. But there's much more to PLG than the perfectly constructed vert ramp. He's been doing this a long time, and can easily adjust to backyard pools, the Rumble in Ramona truck extension and Bucky Lasek's monstrosity of a backyard bowl.

In the above video, which celebrates PLG's mark of serving two full decades as a professional skateboarder, PLG destroys everything in his path with style, technical precision and complete control. Invites for X Games Minneapolis 2017 have not been released yet, but with 21 past X Games medals to his name, there's a good bet PLG will be on that list and ripping this July for the Minneapolis crowd.

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