Ishod Wair: The Summer So Far

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In mid-May, the X Games Real Street competition returned for another year, featuring Ishod Wair, a New Jersey-based skateboarder that splits his time between Philadelphia and Los Angeles. With a stacked sponsor list that includes Nike SB, Monster Energy and Real Skateboards, Wair has made quite the name for himself since rising onto the scene. First known as a street skater, Wair recently started skating park competitions, and his ability to adapt to transition quickly grabbed him invites to international park competitions.

Following Wair's part in Real Street, he received an invite to skate both Skateboard Street and Skateboard Park at X Games Minneapolis 2017. According to The Boardr's Ryan Clements, Wair is "the God." And from the clip below, it looks like Ishod won practice.

Come competition time, Wair ended up qualifying to the finals, but only placed seventh overall at X Games. For some reason, X Games gold has evaded Ishod Wair. But there's always next year, or in Wair's case, the next competition.

From there, Ishod flew to Copenhagen, Denmark for the Copenhagen Pro.

European skate comps are cut from a different cloth than what one might be accustomed to. Take equal parts amazing skating, but combine that with a less competitive atmosphere that is more celebratory than serious, and that's pretty close to the Copenhagen Pro. Sometimes, that brings out the best skating, which worked in Wair's favor. He won the contest with ease.

Congrats, @ishodwair!! #CPHOpen

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Amsterdam for a day was speedy but so much fun!!! 📸 @thefluff

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From his Denmark win, Wair stopped over in Amsterdam for a day with the Nike SB team, and then traveled back to the U.S., where he is currently attending the Vans Park Series. It's only the beginning of August, but between a big competition win, travel and a versatile approach to his skateboarding, it's safe to say that Ishod Wair is winning his own kind of summer.

Here's a shot from today's brief practice, frontside air. @theboardr #vansparkseries #usopenofsurf

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Now if we can only catch him on the East Coast long enough to nail down an episode of "Skaters In Cars," all will be right...

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