Skaters In Cars Revisited: Mike Anderson

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The most wonderfully eccentric and unorthodox character in skateboarding, Mark Gonzales, surprised the skate world this past Cyber Monday with a straight-to-Internet video edit chock full of some of the best footage of 2017 courtesy of his Krooked Skateboard band of bros. Krooked's "Let's Skate Dude" times out at just over 30 minutes and is bookended by epic clips of fallen brother, Van Wastell with full parts by Brad Cromer, Sebo Walker, Bobby Worrest, Matt Gottwig and a shared Ronnie Sandoval/Dan Drehobl part sandwiched in between.

The video's biggest highlight, aside from the highly entertaining Gonz footage interspersed throughout the video, is the closing part by Mike Anderson. Manderson, who has spent the last few years stockpiling footage from around the globe while touring for his shoe sponsor, Converse, dropped three and a half minutes of face-melting rip-riding that culminates with his nosepick of the legendary Chicago Seawall (as seen on his October 2016 Thrasher Magazine cover.) Veteran Anderson, who turned pro in 2010, the same year his daughter Lyla was born, holds a special place in our hearts for his willingness to be the guinea pig for our then-experimental homage to Jerry Seinfeld-esque Internet show, "Skaters In Cars Looking At Spots."

Three and a half years ago, just as filming was getting underway for Krooked's new video, Mike was kind enough to spend an entire day showing us around his hometown of Ventura, California in his 1984 Toyota Camary LE (which he still drives to this day) for this first episode of "Skaters In Cars." (See video above.) Nearly four years later and dozens of guests later, the show is a well-oiled machine but back on April 20, 2014 (when the show first aired) we were still fiddling with the format as you can tell by the eight skate spots we packed into Mike's six minutes.

We like to think that over the years, like Mike, we've gotten a lot better at what we do when it comes to "Skaters In Cars," but after watching "gear head" Manderson's new part, we realize he's a true professional and we're just driving in circles.

For more episodes of "Skaters In Cars," check out the entire library here.

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