Slave Video Premieres This Friday

Slave Skateboards
Slave skateboards came out of the Blackbox camp a little over two years ago and ever since they've put out some killer video clips, boards and clothes—just bits and pieces of raw skateboarding. But this Friday, they're premiering their full-length video "Radio-Television" on September 11th at the AVO Theatre in Vista, CA. There will be two showings—one at 9:15 pm and another at 11:30 pm.

Since day one, Slave had a few people claiming they were an Antihero wanna-be, but with Ben Horton at the helm, Slave has it's own thing going—irreverent graphics, everybody's favorite blue-collar flannels and beanies and an eclectic mix of gnarly nuts...I mean, certifiably insane.

Seeping in the culture of North San Diego's inland city, Vista, their video, "Radio-Television," is likely to be one of this year's most underrated videos and a future classic. Big names like Jon Allie and Matt Mumford will have parts. And, people holding their breaths for full-length footage of local favorites—Jon Goemann, Anthony Schultz and Conhuir Lynn—will be pleased as Danny Dicola, Pat Burke, Brandon Luera and Frecks add in their own unique skating in breakout parts. It's sure to be a ruckus video with tints of inland scuminess fit only for bars like Smitty's in downtown Vista. To watch the trailers, click here. Find out more details on the premiere and where to get tickets below.
Slave Skateboards

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