Cory Kennedy's 'Merlin Twist' Video Interview


This kid is a wizard.

With everyone talking about Cory Kennedy's almost-landed super trick (which he's dubbed, the Merlin Twist), I got Cory on the phone to explain the maneuver for less technical thinking skateboarders. In his own words: "Your back foot is in the switch bigspin position. And you put your front foot pretty much on the nose. Then just scoop it really hard. Then, I don't know, dip your front foot down to whip the board around and then kinda hope you land it (laughs). I'm not very good at explaining."

Well, that doesn't tell us much. Click below to watch the video and listen to Cory talk about the trick a little more in depth and his Battle at the Berrics experience. Special thanks to Mike Martinez from Inner Space Skatepark for the footage.

Chris Nieratko gets the low down on the Merlin Twist

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