Independent trucks Stage 10 139s ($40)

Independent trucks are pretty much the trucks by which most others are measured. As a friend once put it to me years ago, "if you haven't ridden Indy's yet, just keep skating, you're gonna end up riding them eventually." He was right, too. Independent have been making trucks for 32 years this month and to be in the game that long you have to be doing something right.

Courtesy of Independent trucks

You're looking at pure grinding perfection right here. The Independent Stage 10 139s.

Independent Stage 10s are probably the most durable trucks on the market with no gimmicks or tricks, just solid construction and a reputation built on quality. The 139s have a 137 millimeter hanger with an 8 inch axle. This size is built specifically to fit with boards between the 7.75 and 8.25 inch width range. Since that board range is about the standard for most decks these days, that's the truck we're reviewing here. However, if you ride a skinnier board, Independent still has you covered with their Stage 10 129s. If you ride a behemoth board over the 8.25 width, Independent makes a Stage 10 149er truck as well as 169 and 215 trucks for the boards out there that are just absurdly wide.

If you're worried about the weight of standard Independent 139s (and you shouldn't be: take it from us, the pop you get on your board comes a whole lot more from your legs than from how light you can make your set-up), Independent also offers forged hollow 139s with hollow, chomoly steel axles, hollow kingpins and forged aluminum base-plates. But if your going for solid trucks that are going to last you the longest (and we're talking years here), trust us and just go with the standard 139s.

Joey Pepper

This is what Joey Pepper means when he says he skates his Indys until they're ground through the axle. It takes years of abuse before this happens to any truck.

I personally have been riding 139s for at least nine years and, though I've ridden most major truck brands in the past, I'm firmly backing Indys as the longest lasting, most durable trucks that I've skated. You don't have to take my word for it though. Expediton-One and Independent pro rider, Joey Pepper rides sets of Indys till the wheels fall off:

"I skate the 39s with two washers on the inside and none on the outside. I skate my hangers till I've grinded through the axle and either bend or snap off. Then I keep the base-plates and only change the hanger. I skate the base-plates till they're grinded through to the pivot cup. That's what's good about Indys, the more beat they are, the better they look and skate. Good to the last grind."

Black Label and Independent pro Shuriken Shannon concurs. "139's that how I stay on my grind," he says.

Courtesy of Independent trucks

The bushings, kingpin and geometry of Independent trucks has been honed to perfection over 10 stages and 32 years in the business.

Any skateshop worth their salt will carry Independent trucks. In fact, if they don't you might want to re-think what shop you're localizing. If you're nowhere near a good shop or your local shop is struggling, you can grab a set of Indys direct from Independent's distribution, NHS or from online skate retailers including CCS, Kinetic Skateboarding and Active.

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