Cory Kennedy's first pro interview

Andy Tomich

Cory Kennedy relaxing with his new pro status.

Over skating's history there have been a fair share of technical innovators and a lot of the time many of them have had the ability to make even the most basic trick look like dog doo doo. Then there are guys that can make the most mind-blowing maneuver look as easy as an ollie (I'm talking to you, Daewon Song!). Cory Kennedy is no Daewon but damn he looks good flipping his own brand of math equations under his feet. Recently the talent-heavy roster at Girl skateboards added Cory to their pro ranks. And no one was surprised.

What's up, Cory?
I'm at Sean Malto's house in Kansas City.

How is filming for the Chocolate video going?
It's going pretty good. Having fun on all the trips.

How much footage do you got?
I don't know. It's hard to tell since Ty [Evans] has it all locked up at his house, I don't see most of it. I got a good amount. Right now I'm pretty psyched on it.

Do you feel like a new man now that you're pro?
No, actually I don't. I'm the same, to tell you the truth.

Damn, I thought it was this big, life-changing thing.
No. Maybe it is, I don't know.

Andy Tomich

Cory Kennedy with some of his usual tech wizardry. This time he takes a backside tailslide and mixes in a backside 180 nosegrind outro.

How did they tell you were pro?
Sam [Smyth, Girls skateboards' team manager] got all the guys to go to North Hollywood Park and he gave all the kids there free boards with my graphic. They told me they were filming an edit and I should come by. I skated around the park for like 20 minutes, just cruising and I didn't notice anything. Everyone was just flashing me their boards. Eric [Koston] was talking to me, showing me the graphic, like right in my face and I didn't even look at it. Finally there were a group of kids with the same board and I looked close and I finally realized it said my name on it.

How many kids did Sam give boards to?
Like 20.

Were you bummed that you're not going to get royalties off those 20 decks?
Yeah, I'm going to hit up Sam for all those.

You're now a pro on a team of skating's heaviest hitters. Who was the most intimidating to you at first?
It's kind of hard to say because they're all so gnarly. Every time I talk to them I still think it's crazy that I'm on Girl and I get to hang out and skate with all these dudes every day.

Who is your favorite? I won't tell the others.
There's no favorites.

There's always favorites.
Ok. Alright. I'm going to say Koston probably.

How is it that you made it all the way to the finals at the Maloof contest in NYC earlier this month, showing up five minutes before, with no practice?
I don't know. I was just skating around and got lucky and landed some stuff that I wasn't expecting or planned.

What were you doing that you kept showing up late? Did you forget there was a contest going on worth $160,000?
No, I definitely knew it was happening. I'm kinda always running late. I don't try to but I just do. I woke up late, caught the train late; it took longer than I thought.

Did you make up any new tricks for your turning pro?
I haven't yet. I have to work on that, right?

It's got to be a lot of pressure. People constantly expect you to make up new tricks now.
Yeah, I go on trips and people are like, "Show me something new you've got going on." I'm like, "I don't have anything." They think I'm at home working on new tricks.

Andy Tomich

Cory Kennedy flicks a kickflip over a DIY skatepark bump.

What's the newest thing you've come up with besides that Merlin Twist?
The other day I was working on no comply 360 kickflips. It's like a late flip weird thing, I don't know. It's going good. I haven't filmed one yet but I'm trying.

What's the biggest thing you've done it on?
Flatground. Nothing too big.

What are you going to do with your first pro check?
Probably blow it all on a hot tub. I'm trying to get one.

So when are you going to retire?
In about a year. After my Chocolate part drops.

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