Huston, we have liftoff


A new video part, three Street League wins, an X Games gold medal and an upcoming birthday, Huston has a lot to smile about.

Nyjah Huston's had a heck of a 2011

Nyjah Huston's highly anticipated solo video part, "Rise and Shine," from Element skateboards, was officially released on iTunes Friday, and the video was well worth this writer's $2.99.

Nyjah filmed a video part in 10 months that would take many other top-tier skaters well over three years to complete. And, even with that kind of expanded timeline, it's doubtful that many -- if any -- could match the caliber of some of the tricks seen in this video part.

What really deserves recognition is the work Huston put in to make this happen. It's clear on first viewing that Huston, along with all the people who helped put this video together, held himself to a standard high above the vast majority of what has been released in recent months, and even years. The skating is next level. The editing is clean. Every trick that made the cut is well filmed and smoothly documented.

Huston, just 16, has come a long way in his burgeoning career. He's battled adversity as well as the stigma placed on many skaters who gain the spotlight at a young age, before their style catches up with their level of skill. But today, with this new video part, Huston has truly arrived.

With his talents on the contest circuit over the past year and a half solidifying his mainstream notoriety, Huston set out to make an all-street video part that would garner greater respect from skating's often fickle core fans. Mission accomplished.

I can't say for certain that this video will make you a Nyjah Huston fan; there are those whose tastes run toward other types of skating, other styles and other disciplines. What I can say is that Huston's skateboarding, his dedication to the craft, to technique and to pushing the next level, deserve respect. We're witnessing what may be just the beginning of a very long run at the top by one of the best to ever do it. Watch the part and recognize game.

Here's what some of Huston's teammates and friends had to say about his milestone:

"What takes some years to film took Nyjah just 10 short months. This video shows his unconditional love for skateboarding, the power of his raw talent, and the ability to channel his trials and tribulations into nothing but positive energy. Nyjah Huston has set a new standard and changed the game." --Element founder and president, Johnny Schillereff

"It's amazing to see what Nyjah has accomplished at such a young age. The video shows how much he worked at what he deserves. I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this young chap." --Chad Tim Tim

"Nyjah's video is a phenomenal pledge to skateboarding at its highest degree, in his own special way of course: upper-echelon commitment." --Darrell Stanton

"When I first saw Nyjah's video part, I really couldn't say anything ... Best part of 2011!" --Boo Johnson

"Right now Nyjah Huston is my biggest motivation to go skate!" --Torey Pudwill

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