The greatness of Grant Taylor

Ryan Flynn

Doing what he does best, Grant Taylor lets one fly.

Grant Taylor is dropping a brand new video part on the Thrasher magazine website on November 23, 2011. That milestone, plus an epic year of coverage and a forthcoming video part in Nike's "The SB Chronicles Volume One," may well seal the deal for Grant as Thrasher's anointed 2011 Skater of the Year. Grant was born on a skateboard, urban legend even states he skated out of the womb.

His father, Thomas Taylor, has owned Atlanta's premiere skateshop, Stratosphere, longer than Grant has been alive. Thomas Taylor also ran one of the East Coast's legendary brands, Torque, and was a sponsored by Schmitt Stix for many years himself. It's thanks to Thomas that we have Grant in our lives, both literally and figuratively. Thomas taught young Grant to skate everything at a very early age.

When I went to visit them in the late '90s, I watched them shoot a doubles photo on their then miniramp with Grant blasting over his dad's lip trick. Later they went downtown and shot a doubles street photo at Bell South. In an age where skate dads are more militant coaches than bros, Thomas was always more of a skate homie than a trick choreographer. He instilled in his son that style was the end all be all; it doesn't matter what tricks you can do if they look bad doing it. It's pretty clear with each picture perfect frontside air that Grant lofts that he heeded his old man's words. If Thrasher announces Grant as SOTY (pretty likely at this point) so should Thomas be awarded some sort of Skate Dad of the Year.

Ryan Flynn

Grant Taylor caught in a rare moment off his board in 2011. Will he be Skater of the Year?

Naturally, all the heavy lifting was performed by Grant and arguably, Grant was killing it all of last year and could've taken the SOTY crown then but Leo Romero crept in at the wire, dropping two back-to-back parts in Emerica's "Stay Gold" and Toy Machine's "Brain Wash" and took the honors. This year there was never any doubt, from Grant's tagging along on Thrasher's Skate Rock tour, to his annihilation on Thrasher's King of The Road contest, to the massive Thrasher interview to his Nike video part dropping next weekend and his exclusive Thrasher video part, Grant piled it high so that no other name could even be on the ballot. This may be a little premature but, Congrats, Grant. It is well deserved.

Since his dad taught Grant to, "Let his skating speak for him," we decided to ask some of his friends and peers about his recent accomplishment:

"Grant rips. Always fun to see what he does and how rad he does it." --Chris Cole, two-time Thrasher Skater of the Year and Spitfire teammate

"Grant killed it this year. It's not rocket science. Two covers in a row. Big a** airs and skating rad street spots. Done." --Chet Childress, Nike and Independent teammate

"It makes perfect sense. Anytime you flip through a mag not really paying attention and see something insane nine out of 10 times it's Grant. Congrats buddy, well deserved." --Dan Pensyl, Nike teammate

"There's nothing I can say, Grant's skating says it all." --Ryan Wilburn, Grant's cab driver

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