Nyjah Huston discusses move to DC

Mike Blabac

The DC Shoes team for 2012, with recent additions Nyjah Huston and Mike Mo Capaldi.

Recently DC Shoes announced the addition of Mike Mo Capaldi and Nyjah Huston to their ever growing high-paid, all-star roster. Both are amazing talents in their own rights but the real story was that it was the first free shoes Nyjah has received since being let go from eS Footwear years ago. After an unbelievable 2011 where Nyjah won nearly every contest he entered (and probably a few he didn't even attend), capped off with an iTunes video part that blew the minds of nearly everyone in skateboarding -- it only made sense that he finally got a shoe sponsor.

We caught up with Nyjah to discuss being added to the DC team.

ESPN.com: How did the whole DC thing come about?
Huston: I think it was all a build up of things over the past year. DC has always been my top choice for a shoe sponsor but I think it took this past year for them to see what I've accomplished and how I did in the contests and my video part and all that for it to finally come through.

Mike Blabac

"It's not only about money, it's who you really want to ride for and who you would feel would be the best fit," says Nyjah.

But you were running a pair of lucky shoes for a bunch of contests that weren't DCs, right?
Yeah, definitely. I skated Supras for a while. I skated them in most of the Street League and filmed a lot of stuff in those and then one time I got hurt in them. Right after that I decided to try a pair of Chris Cole's. I went to the skateshop and bought some and it was the best shoe I've ever skated, by far.

Was there any kind of bidding war going on between Supra and DC?
I didn't really negotiate with Supra that much because, right after my agent's contract was up (that's kind of what the whole wait was), the first thing me and my mom went for was DC, and once we knew they were interested, that's what we were fully committed to. Either way, it's not only about money, it's who you really want to ride for and who you would feel would be the best fit.

Why is DC the best fit for you?
I've always liked DC a lot, throughout my whole skate career, ever since they put out the "DC Video" back in 2003. I always liked their image and the way they did their marketing and ads. I think they have a sick team. I just feel like they're a really solid company that puts a lot of focus into their skateboarding.

You said your agent's contract was up, do you not have an agent anymore?
Nope, my mom has just been helping me out.

I heard the reason you were done with your agent was that you wanted this DC deal.
It's kind of one of the reasons because I know my agency and DC kind of had some beef with each other but it was a mixture of things. I just think it's sicker to not have an agent and do things on your own; it makes you feel a lot more free.

It's sicker to not have an agent and do things on your own; it makes you feel a lot more free.

--Nyjah Huston

Who is the guy you look up to the most on DC?
I'm going to go with Chris Cole because he's been doing what he's been doing for so long and he's still progressing. He's not one of those guys that reaches a certain age and then goes down hill. He just keeps going and that's a really big inspiration. Also Mike MO getting on the team is really sick too. Mike Mo is just a great person with a super sick personality. He's super fun to be around and he obviously rips at skating. He's the sickest ledge skater ever, pretty much.

You put out a gangbuster video part a few months ago, people were talking about it for a while, but the Internet makes people forget quickly. Do you feel your part has already been forgotten about?
No, I don't feel like they forgot about it yet but I know what you mean; stuff fades away really fast. But I still feel like it's still there a little bit and I'm trying to keep stuff going with other little parts coming out like my Intro to DC clip. There's going to be some stuff of me and my homies on The Berrics soon to keep kids hyped.

Mike Blabac

Nyjah and Chris Ray look for spots during his first time on the streets after getting on DC.

Do you know how many times your video was downloaded?
I haven't checked in a while. I know that in the first week or two it was out it was doing pretty good but I can't remember the exact numbers. The goal was to go for about 50,000, hopefully it's reaching about there. I should probably check up on that.

I heard Street League is going to have auditions at The Berrics soon to see who the new guy is for Street League. Dudes film a part and then kids vote on it, American Idol-style. Who would you like to see in Street League?
I think there's a couple guys that deserve to be in Street League right now. I think Ishod Wair is definitely one of them. He just turned pro and he kills it in contests; he's so consistent. I think Ryan Decenzo should be in there. There's a couple other guys as well so hopefully they make it in.

Aside from The Berrics video stuff, what else do you have lined up for 2012?
This new year is going to be a really good one. I'll try to do what I did last year as far as the contests go, keep that going, and hopefully come out with another banging video part towards the end of the year. I'm going to be going on my first tour with DC to Australia next week.

Are you going to enter the Bondi Bowl Contest?
Yeah, I don't know if I got that but I'll watch though.

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