Stevie Williams steps in the S1W

Courtesy of Supra

The new Stevie Williams "S1W" shoe by Supra

It's hard to believe that after seminal video parts in the "DC Video," Transworld's "The Reason," an appearance in every Tony Hawk video game and an amazing career spanning two decades in skateboarding, Stevie Williams finally has his first pro model signature shoe on Supra. Aptly named the S1W, as it's Williams first shoe and a nod to Public Enemy's militia the S1Ws.

Designed by Williams and Supra's Josh Brubaker, the mid-top, cup sole has a classic motif and bears the legacy of shoes Williams has created in the past. With innumerable bells and whistles to cushion your heels and protect your ankles, the S1W performs as good as it looks. "Whether you want to wear it just for lifestyle purposes," Williams said, "or you want to wear it for skateboarding and look cool at the same time -- either way you wear it, the shoe looks good on and off the board."

Courtesy of Supra

Stevie Williams

A Philadelphia, PA., native, who now resides in Atlanta, GA., Williams has an iconic style and personality that have garnered him respect and longevity within skateboarding and offered him far reaching opportunities. His brand DGK is an authentic skateboard company and has expanded outside of skating, appealing to rappers, athletes and celebrities, making Williams arrival on the the Supra team a natural pairing.

From the inception of the brand, Supra has fused skateboarding, fashion and hip-hop. Supra heralded the current skate lifestyle trend by introducing innovative silhouettes like the Muska Skytops. A testament to their combined mass appeal, Williams and Supra threw a skate shoe release party where the guest list included Chris Brown and Too Short alongside Erik Ellington and Lizard King.

With the looming deadline for the anticipated DGK video, Williams is currently on tour with the Supra team in Europe, where undoubtedly, Williams's fans will be stoked to see his signature pop and buy his first signature shoe.

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