Balboa skatepark opens in SF


Ever wonder what a skatepark looks like to a bird? Well here you go.

On Saturday, Sept. 29, San Francisco, Calif. officially opened it's third skatepark at Balboa park in the Sunset district. The Crocker and Potrero skateparks may have less traffic now that there is another option for the kids to go to. The location is great, easy access without a car as it is right next to the Balboa BART station.

Families and local skateboarders filled the park to enjoy a great first day to the new skatepark. There were live bands, free food for everyone, best trick on the rail or stairs and best line in the bowl contest for the kids with prizes and raffles. Skateboarders young and old were going hard all day. Everybody got their runs in, ate some good food and had a really fun day.

The park is crafted mainly with Skatelite, and a bit of concrete -- they really pulled it together on this one. The layout is great -- there's something for everyone of all skill levels to skate. A perfect bowl with a hip and good transition, little cement boxes, banked ledges, manual pads, a double set with a handrail and a variety of other fun obstacles. Pretty much everything you could ask for to make for a very entertaining skatepark. It's great to have more skateparks here in San Francisco, and if you ever have the chance to check it out I would most definitely recommend you do so.

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