Don't trip, it's just grip


Bro Style is the grippe brainchild of Leo Romero and Griffin Collins. One night, not long ago, Romero and Griff were visiting the (Daniel) Lutheran family in Albuquerque, New Mexico with a fellow Tum Yeto riders. The company was initially started over a fire pit discussion and within minutes,  "Share Bear," Daniel Lutheran's mom, was the first official member of the Bro Style team. A few minutes later the entire Lutheran family was on Bro Style and so the team list began. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Daniel Lutheran and his wonderful family, you will know they live their lives by the highest Bro Code imaginable. The same positive vibes they bring to this world are what Bro Style would like to share with all the skateboarders around the world.

Chad Tim Tim was recently added to the Bro Style team, and his monthly earnings are not measured in cash. A milkshake was all Tim Tim was offered and he was more than happy to sign up. As soon as the team started growing Romero called and asked if I would become the team manager for Bro Style -- but instead of money he asked what it would take for me to handle all of the riders and their needs. Romero and I agreed on a monthly supply of snacks and a nice dinner of my choice. Romero likes to see me happy and full, so it's obvious he has no problem taking care of his workers or riders using the Bro Style creed. Bro Style is not just a griptape company -- it's a way of life. Bro Style is for everyone! Get some! Don't trip, it's just grip.

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