Go Skate School

Go Skate School

Rob Dunfey with skate students in Donagh, Ireland.

Go Skate is a network of teachers who provide skateboarding lessons operating in all fifty states in the US, besides Wyoming, and also internationally in Canada and the UK.

In 2008 its' founder Rob Dunfey, placed an ad online offering his services as a skateboard teacher to supplement his income. "I posted my first ads on Google and it was first directed only at San Diego, but the ad ran nationally and brought in requests from all over the country." Dunfey explained, "I started getting requests from Washington DC, Boston, and Los Angeles, Calif."

After such a massive response Dunfey recognized the need for skateboard school. Having attended the entrepreneurship program at Loyala Marymount University in Los Angeles, he understood the steps he'd need to take to build Go Skate. He also, had the marketing savvy and the good fortune of having already come up with the name. Dunfey said, "I originally bought Goskate.com to build a skate spot database in 2006, but it never seemed to catch on. When I began offering lessons, I decided to change GoSkate.com to a skateboard school."

Unable to serve all the requests, Dunfey turned to skaters he knew throughout the country, "At first, I hooked some of the students up with my friends in the area, but my friends became too busy to handle to volume and weren't able to travel to all of the inquiries. I then began posting job ads online. Between January of 2010 to April of 2010, all we did was focus on hiring and training instructors."

Go Skate has over 500 instructors in the US alone, who are local skateboarders. The classes offered are either one on one or in a group and are taught at a skatepark or at an empty parking lot with a smooth surface. In the first class kids learn the basics of safety and how to push. In follow up classes students learn tricks and to control their board. If there's a particular discipline they're eager to try, like skating transition or street, the location and instruction is catered to fit their specific goals.

Who better to teach a kid to skate than a pro and Go Skate employs a handful of professional skateboarders, Durfey named a few, "Chad Fernandez is currently doing sessions for us in Los Angeles.  Norman Woods, an up and comer who skated in Tampa AM and the Damn AM, is one of busiest teachers.  Most of our pros work part-time or on-call.  Some names of skateboarders who have instructed with us in the past are:  Karl Watson, Jason Wussler, Ronson Lambert, Chris Dobstaff, Aaron Kyro, and Nate Broussard."

Since its' inception, Go Skate has taught over 2,500 kids how to skateboard at more then 10,000 individual sessions and camps, with the youngest being four years old and the oldest being a sixty year old man. For more information go to goskate.com.

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