Mike Ternasky honored by Plan B

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Plan B's "Questionable," the groundbreaking debut skate video released by the "superteam" cherry-picked by the late Mike Ternasky, featuring Danny Way, Mike Carroll, Rodney Mullen, Pat Duffy, et al.

To mark the occasion, the original Plan B team took the stage on Sunday night at the W Hollywood hotel during the International Skateboard Film Festival Award Ceremony to present a lifetime achievement award to the team founder. Ternasky's 18-year-old daughter, Michaela Holland, accepted the award on her father's behalf.

"Growing up, I knew that my dad was in the skate industry through stories from my mom," Holland, who was born a few months after Ternasky died in a car accident in 1994, told ESPN.com. "But I didn't realize the enormity of it all until I got to meet all those [legendary skateboarders] that he had influenced."

"Honestly, I would say the most glaring emotion [during the presentation of the award] was being completely humbled," added Holland, who's studying literary journalism at UC Irvine. "I'm so grateful that I have his blood, that I'm able to call him my dad, and that he was able to be such an amazing father figure to those guys."

Holland's interest in learning more about her father grew last spring as the Danny Way documentary "Waiting for Lightning" launched its first screening tours. She contacted the film's director, Jacob Rosenberg, who had worked alongside Ternasky during Plan B's formative years.

Plans were already in the works to give Ternasky a lifetime achievement award when Rosenberg approached the film festival about including Holland in the presentation. He also put together a 15-minute memorial video about Ternasky's work and legacy.

"You're talking about a highly emotional moment for all of us," Rosenberg told ESPN.com. "I thought the most amazing thing would be to present the award to Michaela. Her dad was so charismatic and amazing and loved, and I think she could actually experience that energy up there with us."

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